Crush the coast – Stage 6

Miranda, CA to Little River, CA–  92.7.1 miles  –  7,064ft  –  6 hrs 07 mins

I mean, is there a better place to end a day on the bike than frickin Mendo? No, there isn't. We began in the woods and worked our way towards the coast via the ride's biggest climb. The descent through the woods and down to the coast is simply unreal. Along the way: shenanigans. By day six the legs are feeling good enough to ride fast and goof off. A bit of off the road action, maybe we rode the wrong direction for a moment just to get a great shot. A tad bit of a fashion photo shoot at the end of the day when the light was perfect. Nachos. Beer on the porch at the Little River Inn. Some days there you don't feel the chain. This was that kind of day.

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