Crush the coast – Stage 2 

Lincoln City to Reedsport, OR  –  101.1 miles  –  5,079ft  –  6hrs 12 mins

After a breakfast of pancakes with a side of pancakes, we seven riders departed into the fog and made our way down the coast. Lighthouses were viewed, a stray dog was humanely caught by a group of well-meaning volunteers, and coffee was hand-ground and poured on the side of the road – just one of the many benefits of having support vehicles at your disposal. It was still a day or two before the food requests got really exotic – as the pain and weariness increases, so does the requirements for comforts of all varieties. The day started grey and stubbornly remained so, the rain thankfully held off, and only for an hour or so did we lose Randall in the fog. He was up front, sprinting, thinking we were behind. We were behind, sprinting, knowing he was in front. The fog... she can be tricky.

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