Leave It On The Road is a cycling blog and publication that fights cancer.

In 2013 we rode across the US, averaging 150 miles per day for 24 straight days. We raised over $50k to benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance and the Colon Club. In 2014 we'll continue raising awareness with a series of books, magazines and other products that highlight the glory of the sport of cycling.



The Cross Country Ride

In 2013 Andrew Hudon and Michael Tabtabai rode 3500 miles across the US in 24 days. Without a single rest day.

A Bike That Fights Cancer

Purchase the Leave It On The Road paint scheme on any Speedvagen and the proceeds will be donated to the Colon Cancer Alliance.

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We're fortunate to have the support of some of the best brands out there. Please support this awesome group of sponsors.

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New products will be announced throughout 2014. And each one will help drive donations to fight cancer.

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Ride with LIOTR, become a sponsor, or go ahead and make a donation directly to the Colon Cancer Alliance.