Our 2018 Planning Weekend


2018 is, for us, a year of focus and action. In the last four years we've raised just over $100k to help several cancer fighting organizations do great work in all areas of research, awareness and outreach. We're proud of our accomplishments, the journeys we've been on, the people we've met along the way, and the places we've seen that we wouldn't have otherwise. But still, we believe we can do more. 

When you spend as much time on the bike as we do, you have plenty of time to let your mind wander and just enough training-inflicted self doubt to ask yourself a lot of hard questions. It was on one of those kinds of rides that we first started asking ourselves how we could have more impact and how we could grow this project and share it with even more people. What started in 2013 as a cross country ride designed to help me cope with my father's passing has evolved into something I am sure he would be proud of. Even still, we acknowledge that we have more to offer and we want to see just how far we can go towards ending cancer. To do that, we needed to move beyond being a bunch of friends who ride with a purpose, to a full-fledged organization with roles and responsibilities. So Michael, Patrick, Jake, Randall and David are now officially the operating board of LIOTR. In early January of 2018, this board met to set huge goals, mark milestones, plan routes, identify responsibilities and attack the year like we never have before. In the last four years we've raised just over $100k, this year we aim to take that even further.

Oh yeah, and we rode bikes too. Shiny new bikes. But more on that later...


Recent rides: getting to know the Bay Area.

Well it's taken a little bit of time but we're finally getting settled in the Bay Area. Big changes from Portland lifestyle include hours spent in traffic & much bigger climbs to tackle. But if you do choose to tackle them you are rewarded with empty roads amazing views and big descents. Portland will always be where my heart is, but for the time being, the Bay Area ain't so bad. And, as a consolation prize, there are actually quite a few PDX expats down here to ride with.