Announcing the Leave It On The Road Mixtape ride!

Presented by Adventure Wagon. Sponsored by Speedvagen, Rapha & Wahoo Fitness

What is the bike ride equivalent of a mixtape? Some of you may be old enough to remember the hours put into crafting a cassette with two perfect sides. Do you start with a banger or do you ease on in and blow it out later? Is the mix full of hits or are you digging for those unknown gems that simply must be shared? How do you transition from Side A to Side B? The countless decisions and directions and planning and curating and recording and erasing and recording again. The consequences you face if you make a wrong decision. The pride you feel when you've fucking nailed it and you have a perfect mixtape that you listen to again and again and again. And of course, the whole time you have a person in your mind that the mixtape is dedicated to. Swap music for roads and you can see where we are going with this. One more adventure to fight cancer begins next Saturday 8/27. You're going to want to listen in to this one. 

All donations and proceeds from sales benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Side A Track 1: 96 miles, Continental Divide, 8/27/16

Side A Track 2: 121 miles, Craters of the Moon, 8/28/16

Side A Track 3: 98 miles, Oregon Trail, 8/29/16

Side A Track 4: 110 miles, Off That Grid, 8/30/16

Side A Track 5: 100 miles, John Day, 8/31/16

Side A Track 6: 94 miles, Painted Hills, 9/1/16

Side A Track 7: 95 miles, Mt Hood / PDX, 9/2/16

BONUS TRACK: PDX Group ride & party at The Vanilla Workshop, 9/3/16

Side B Track 1: ??? 9/4/16

Side B Track 2: ??? 9/5/16

Side B Track 3: ??? 9/6/16

Side B Track 4: ??? 9/7/16

Side B Track 5: ??? 9/8/16

Side B Track 6: ??? 9/9/16

Side B Track 7: ??? 9/10/16

Side B Track 8: ??? 9/11/16