We've felt the pain that cancer causes. And we're doing something about it.

I'm Michael Tabtabai, and I use my bike to fight cancer. My friend Andrew Hudon got me into cycling around the time my father was diagnosed with colon cancer. My first 100 mile ride was a charity ride that helped raise funds for the cancer center that treated my dad. Little did I know that was the beginning of something much bigger. Andrew's mother had fought cancer and he had previously organized his own fundraising rides. As we rode together over the years we graduated from participating in charity centuries to organizing and leading our own rides. They grew in scale from single day events to multiple day journeys.

In 2013 after my father lost his ten year battle with cancer, and Andrew's friend Rick lost his battle, we established Leave It On The Road with an epic cross country ride in his honor. In the last decade we have covered tens of thousands of miles over the course of our self-organized rides and to date we have raised more than $100,000 to help fight support multiple cancer-fighting organizations.

2013 – The 3500 mile long cross country ride.

3500 miles across the US in 24 days. That's an average of over 140 miles per day... with no rest days. It wasn't easy, and at times it wasn't even fun. The last week had a number of 180+ mile days that really tested our bodies and our resolve. But we made it. And through this ride we gained an audience of thousands as we told the story of our adventure in real time on Instagram and Tumblr. The ride also generated over $50,000 in donations for the Colon Cancer Alliance. Along the way we inspired people to get out and ride, and to raise awareness for the fight against colon cancer. During the ride Andrew sustained a knee injury that effectively ended his ultra distance riding career. He has since gone on to do other amazing stuff.

2014 – Portland to Los Angeles. 1400 miles in 14 days.

After the injury that sidelined Andrew, Michael set out on a 1400 mile adventure. The first 8 days took him from Portland to San Francisco, nearly 900 miles solo. At that point he met up with the Fireflies – a group of riders who ride each year from SF to LA. Turns out, 14 centuries in a row feels relatively easy after going cross country.


2015 – Crush The coast.

In 2015 Michael and a group of six friends rode from Portland to San Fransisco in eight days. From there, three continued on joining with the Fireflies West ride to Los Angeles. All told, they covered 1400 miles in 14 days and helped raise nearly $10,000 for City of Hope, a leading cancer research and treatment hospital. Check out the recap.

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Leave It On The Road 2013

Learn about how we prepped for our cross country ride, and what actually happened out there on the road.

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